Magenta Harley - Host of new web series #The Hash

Hi Everyone, 

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Valerian Bennett, filmmaker and founder of TheProtocol.TV. Have you ever heard of BitCoin? I had a vague idea that it was some form of online currency. In that sense I was correct but had no idea how it worked. Mr Bennett started educating me on the system and the more I learn, the more questions I have. So naturally when he invited me to host a program intended to relate this information to the masses it was very appealing to me. 

The Bitcoin protocol is a revolutionary technology that, unfortunately, is painfully difficult to wrap your head around. The only way for everyday people to understand the promise of Bitcoin is for them to see it in action. That is our goal with TheProtocol.TV and ‘Bitcoin: Buenos Aires’ is our first step.
— Valerian Bennett – Founder / Filmmaker

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xx Magenta xx